We Believe in Second Chances

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PurposeBound Parents is focused on women, especially single parent women- a population that has been dismissed because of a belief that they do not have dreams and the  potentials for having a better future for themselves and their children.

We have worked with enough single parents to know that our community, at-large, does not give them focus, does not collaborate enough, and that there are fewer educational programs and services that address their needs and remove barriers. This is our Call to Action! 


Work with us to remove educational and economic barriers that prevent them from having and living productive lives.

Our Beginnings 

PurposeBound started as a "passion" for founder, LaWanda Woods-Howard. All she knew was that she wanted to help single parents - that's it!  In 2010, her plan was to help single parents with back-to-school shopping for their kids, possibly, do an annual home make-over/repair project, send kids from single parent households to camp and finding funds to offer individual assistance to single parents with special needs, i.e., helping pay a bill, etc.  That's it!  No business plan just a desire to be used.


The Vision Begins to Grow. With the help of strong board of directors, this organization is determined to add a housing component to their existing educational programs. Single parents (and people, in general) but, especially single parents who decide that it's time for a change, often face tremendous barriers, i.e., child care, living in an environment where education is not a priority, and let us not forget the "crab mentality".  These struggles pulled on the heart of our CEO.  She saw a door-opening and she could not resist walking through that door.    


Today, PurposeBound Parents is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that advocates for women, especially single parents and their children. Established to specifically help low income families who are supporting children, we provide many programs and services to help single parents (and all women) eliminate the barriers they encounter as they began thinking about WHAT'S NEXT! 


If you or someone you know is involved or has connections to our target market, we welcome partnerships.  Please contact us for coffee and conversation! 

OUR MISSION:  To improve the lives of women, especially those who are single parents and the head of household, through education. 


OUR GOAL: To reach women who are challenged in their efforts to achieve fundamental life accomplishments by providing them with the resources they need to survive & thrive.


OUR VISION: To create the most sought-after BRIDGE program for women to prepare them for success in other WORKFORCE programs.  

Copyright @2018, PurposeBound Parents. All rights reserved. EIN: 81-2245986. PurposeBound Parents is a 501(c)(3) investing in single parents to become self-sufficient

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