The BYOB Experience was developed by PurposeBound Parents' founder, LaWanda Woods-Howard to address the root of the disparities facing women in housing communities and women who are challenged finding a definitive direction for a livelihood that will sustain their families.  Many have found it useful for women trying to overcome their specific challenges from their past. It is a 5-week, customized curriculum with a specific focus on changing the mindsets of individuals from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

Based on the research of Dr. Carol Dwerk, professor of Psychology at Stanford University, our curriculum takes the findings of Dr. Dwerk's work with children and translates how those findings manifest into adulthood - specifically how past failures are seen as one's inability to succeed as adults, parents and students.

The BYOB Experience gives program participants a blank canvas to start a journey to self-awareness by incorporating growth vs.fixed mindset discoveries to change the trajectory of future outcomes in their personal and (potential) professional lives.


"I want everyone who goes through this curriculum to know that you are the most important project you will every work on. For things to change, YOU must change. For circumstances to improve, YOU must improve and for life to get better, YOU must get better".


Starting January, 2020!

The BYOB curriculum has been under construction while we collaborated with other professionals in the industry.  Some of the noticeable changes are the length of the curriculum, how it will be delivered to the end-user and a more target market.

Before we actually launch, we will have a focus group of women who will actually take the 5-week course, do the work and report their findings.


  • 5 weeks; 3-7 hours per week.



  • A computer or access to a computer​


  • Your honest feedback and suggestions for improvement

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What others are saying...

"The Build Your Own Blueprint for single parents is wonderful. Our residents enjoyed the program.

Crystal D.

Resident Services Coordinator

Blue Ridge Estates, Richmond, VA

"LaWanda is clearly knowledgeable about the concept of fixed v. growth mindsets."

Pam N.

Rhode Island Housing

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