Corporate Giving

Businesses and organizations that give to PurposeBound Parents have a passion for education and families and believe that single parents who have had a "bump" in the road, still deserve all the rights and privileges as others who want to further their education and become productive citizens. 


We invite you to become a PurposeBound Parents Corporate Partner to help move families from poverty to self-sufficiency.


These donations go directly to support our general operations, programs and our vision to acquire a training facility to expand our reach in the community PurposeBound Parents' donor recognition levels are: 

VISIONARIES  $100,000 +

SENIORS  $50,000 +

JUNIORS  $25,000 +

SOPHOMORES  $15,000 +

FRESHMAN  $10,000 +

BELIEVERS  $5,000 +

SUPPORTERS  $2,500 +

Copyright @2018, PurposeBound Parents. All rights reserved. EIN: 81-2245986. PurposeBound Parents is a 501(c)(3) investing in single parents to become self-sufficient

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