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     Thank you for visiting our website!  It is heart-warming because you obviously understand, to some degree, the difficulties of parenting alone. Either you are a single parent, you know a single parent or you just might be married and feel like you're a single parent (smile).


     I literally became a single parent, overnight and it was not part of the plan. It was sudden, absolute and final. It was a game changer. Having to maneuver this new pathway without a visitor's guide, a GPS, a how-to-manual or a blueprint, was a tremendous burden. And no one really knew how much of a burden - especially my children. Because you see, as parents, we'll do ANYTHING to protect them.

     Looking back, everything I went through had a purpose.  I'm thankful for my background, education, life experiences and survival skills.  I'd love to tell you more of my story but, just know that I've met every obstacle that you can imagine. Yet,  I made it to other side! It was truly, the journey of a lifetime! 

The journey LaWanda speaks of brings women together from every walks of life. Her story has inspired others to find their purpose and to walk into their destiny. Your purpose is like no one else’s and she will help you realize that we were all created with destiny in mind. Single moms who spend even a little time with her, will come to understand that there are answers and solutions locked up inside of themselves that were meant to be used to not only help themselves but, to help others as well. She's hands-on and available to her moms, ANYTIME!


If you're a single mom, LaWanda will walk with you as you travel through your personal road map. She already knows that your road map will be full of detours, wrong turns, and stop signs. But the main thing she would wants you to know is that you have been " under construction".  She wants you to pick yourself up and let go of the pains of yesterday. The cycle is being broken now! Maybe you didn't get it right the first time but, now is the time for you to become,  PurposeBound!


Copyright @2018, PurposeBound Parents. All rights reserved. EIN: 81-2245986. PurposeBound Parents is a 501(c)(3) investing in single parents to become self-sufficient

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